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All images © 2020 Francine Renée Schenider 

Artist Acclaimation

“What I appreciate in this work is how well it illustrates the act of seeing.  In those moments between bright light and complete dark, between seeing and not seeing, the real miracle of sight is most apparent.  As in a Cézanne, there is that one focal point of clarity surrounded by an out of focus approach.  No accident.  

This is the actual approximation of seeing something, one inch in perfect focus the rest indeed a blur that our mind processes seamlessly.  In your piece, we have that magical time of light, a mix of the natural and the artificial light.  Yet the artificial light is reflected in a natural source transformed again to natural light.  Up and down, real and fake, reflection and source, dance back and forth.

The raw impressions are rewritten in the mind’s eye to a clear picture that captures the moment better than any high definition camera could.  It’s a picture not of the scene but of seeing the scene.  It captures how we piece together patches in the dark into something that makes sense.”